Lester Jones is a photographer and videographer by trade. While shooting and creating content for other brands is his day-to-day, Lester’s own project, I Dig Your Sole Man, has well and truly established itself amongst street culture aficionados.


Lester Wearing Bespecd Rostov Clubmaster Sunglasses

Lester Wears Rostov in Midnight Black Sunglasses ($95)


You’ve been working in the media industry for some time. When did you start your own content platform, I Dig Your Sole Man? And what was the idea behind it?

Five years ago, I started I Dig Your Sole Man. The idea was a street blog that has a fresh approach. There are so many blogs out there that focus on sartorial, high-end fashion – nobody was really doing anything focusing on the grungier end of street fashion. It’s been a platform for the content I create – whether it’s stills or video and has opened up some great opportunities.


When were you able to make photography a viable career option?

I first started dabbling with photography a long, long time ago. It was a hobby I was really passionate about, but just couldn’t afford to do it  - buying film, and processing and developing. It wasn’t until maybe 10 years ago that I had enough disposable income to really start getting into it and it quickly went from being a hobby to people latching onto, not only my stills work, but my video work too.


Lester Wearing Bespecd Sunglasses For Men

Lester Wearing Bespecd Clubmaster Shades

Lester Wears Rostov in Midnight Black Sunglasses ($95)

I Dig Your Sole Man takes a close look at sneaker culture both here in Australia and internationally – how would you describe the current climate of sneaker fanaticism in Australia?

I think sneaker culture in Australia is booming at the moment. I think a lot of people would agree that for a long time sneaker culture and street fashion across the board was maybe lagging behind other territories. With Internet shopping and peoples desire to go and get what they can get beyond retail in Australia has really opened up the market. It’s a really exciting time.


And, if you could find the time to escape to any part of the world to shoot content?

If I could be shooting street culture anywhere in the world, I don’t think I could pick just one place. I’m from Europe – so London, Berlin, Paris appeals to me greatly. But then the US is such a dominant force. Tokyo would be amazing. Seoul represents the new Asia, which is really booming at the moment. Plus there is a good pun opportunity with I Dig Your Soul Man.


Lester Wearing Burnout Tortoise Shell Glasses

Bespecd Burnout Tortoise Shell Spectacle Frames

Bespecd Hamilton in Dark Tortoise Prescription Glasses ($95)

How would you describe your own style?

My own style is not very out there – I’m more comfortable wearing A.P.C. and Common Projects and brands like that, then say, Jeremy Scott. I’m more interested in other people. It’s not about what I wear and what I do.


And, when selecting eyewear – what is the most important aspect you look for?

Because I create visual content, eyesight is really important. I need to be able to see well to do my job. But then the other thing is you want to look good as well. To have companies that are creating good product, that not only works well, but also looks good – well, that’s fantastic.


Words By Our Guest Blogger: The Bonafide Bedfellows

Photos By: Tim Jones