Jai Stevens is the creator of popular Tumblr-style blog, Modern Alchemy: a chronicle of images divulging the modern man’s lifestyle and preferences. Jai and fellow blogger, Tom Clune, spice up their site with a certain ruggedness, an ingredient often missing across blogs of a similar ilk.




Jai wears Tribe in Black on Crystal with Wood prescription glasses ($145)

What prompted you to start Modern Alchemy?

I initially started Modern Alchemy as more of a personal thing – a series of photos that inspired me, I guess. Essentially, not directed at men’s fashion but with a few images here and there. I got a response out of that and thought I may as well take it as an opportunity to show men where to shop and dress.


Running your own blog has undoubtedly influenced your personal style. How would you describe your style?

My personal style is, I’d like to say, rugged. I like to wear a lot of basics. I don’t necessarily like big logos. I also like to wear jewellery.


And when you’re adding eyewear to the mix?

I like wacky sorts of things. I like a round frame. The lens is also very important to me.





Jai wears Limelight in Honey Tortoise Sunglasses ($125)

So what is it about Bondi that’s never seen you stray away from the beachside town?

I’ve lived in Bondi pretty much my whole life. I don’t know - you tend to get stuck here. You have everything you need. 


Words By Our Guest Blogger: The Bonafide Bedfellows

Photos By: Tim Jones


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