Tarra Chong is one of those enviable fashion types who can convert a piece of clothing into a masterpiece. She is also one half of popular fashion blog, Maiden Sydney – an online curation of fabulous fashion and lifestyle content.


Tarra Chong Maiden Sydney For Bespecd


What prompted you to start Maiden Sydney? When did you begin the blog?

I started Maiden Sydney four and a half years ago with my best friend, Brooke Testoni. We were living together in Bondi and I was working for a magazine in fashion and Brooke was working for an Australia fashion label. It was an outlet for us, because there was only so much content that I could put in the magazine that I was working for and there was so much good content. It was quite disappointing to not be able to share it with an audience. Brooke had a really strong interest in graphic and design – she wanted to be more of the design side of it. I had no experience in that, so it was a match made in heaven really.


Tarra Chong for Bespecd

Tarra Wearing Bespecd Treviso Round Sunglasses

Tarra Wears Treviso in White Marble Sunglasses $95

You’ve also worked quite extensively in PR - how did you find yourself working in the industry?

I started working in PR just after turning nineteen. I learnt everything there. It was one of those sink or swim agencies. The director, who I worked closely with, taught me everything. That was my first step in and I loved it. I wasn’t from Sydney, so PR was a really good step into the fashion industry – I got to know the industry and the people. Later, I went into magazines. It was quite a nice transition that people don’t usually make – often it’s the other way around. I got into PR from taking that first step at reception, then PA to the creative director and then made my way up to a publicist.


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bespecd square glasses

Tarra Wears Selfie in Crystalline Prescription Glasses ($125)

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style forever evolves. I think I grow with age. Living in London for the past two and a half years has made a massive impact on how I dress. My lengths and hems are longer and I know that’s on-trend, but that’s also a maturity thing for me. I’m not so much about exposing – I’m more about the actual individual pieces and I think that’s something that has come with age. I still do like the fun side of it – I do inject a bit of colour, and prints here and there, but I do have my timeless, classic pieces that I’m now taking throughout each season.

When you’re selecting eyewear – what are some of the most important things to take into consideration?

When selecting eyewear, you need to know what your face shape is. And thankfully now, I think I have that covered. For my face, which is a little more round, because I do have that half-Asian background, I find that a circle frame quite suits me – I like to channel that Yoko Ono look. A thick cat-eye works well too. I think I have it down pat now and that’s what I look for. Prints I’m ok with, but much prefer a block colour or a transition in the frame.


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Words By Our Guest Blogger: The Bonafide Bedfellows

Photos By: Tim Jones