Our Story



Eyewear expresses the best version of you to the world. If eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyewear frames it and slaps a cherry-on-top for good measure. Thanks to Mad Men and the geek-chic trend, no longer is Optical reserved solely for the nerds and bookworms. It's the ultimate fashion accessory. By making affordable the same high-quality frames you would see in a designer store, we aim to make them something you update as often as your outfit. An eyewear wardrobe if you will. It might be a lofty dream, but we're sticking to it.


We modelled the Bespecd experience on what we appreciate while shopping online ourselves. For us, shopping is downtime. It’s all about easy and enjoyable. Prices should be straight shooting, transparent and all-inclusive. We don't see the point in luring you in with a cheap price and then ticking you off when it doubles on checkout. We'd rather you came back. Plus free shipping is a given. What does 'handling' even mean? And we know that even finding your best angle in our virtual mirror will never be the same as trying our frames on at home. So a whole 60 days to return for free was another must-have feature.


You asked for it and we delivered. Bespecd are proud to now offer MEN'S AND WOMEN'S Sunglasses on a selection of our most popular frames. With no-glare polarised technology and the option to add your prescription, now 'weekday you' and 'weekend you' are taken care of. We're also up to our fashionable eyeballs researching winter fashion trends and can't wait to launch our Winter 2013 collection EARLY next year. SIGN UP AND WE'LL KEEP YOU IN THE LOOP.

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