Frames and Lenses



We don't believe affordable has to mean cheap. $95 isn't good value if that means repairs. Our high-quality materials are sourced from Italy, Korea, China and Japan and all our acetate and metal frames are hand -made. Plus unlike other companies, we even choose to hand-make our cases. We also cut our frames from a single sheet of cellulose acetate. Known for its durability, it has a consistent, vibrancy of colour. Sturdy spring or rivet hinges are fitted and any nose-pads are always long-lasting silicon. Not only are your frames made from many of the same materials as the expensive brand eyewear, they're actually assembled in the same place. They just side step where the logo is slapped on the side and the whopping price tag is attached. Much like the Egyptians. We build to last.



We figure 'seeing' is fairly crucial to our reputation. So we get intelligent people in white coats in an Australian laboratory to customise all our optical and sunglass lenses. They know their stuff. We use only the highest quality lenses, which are very thin and light. Plus we add some fancy things like anti-reflective layers to both sides of the lens and an anti-scratch coating. It all adds up to provide you with sharper, clearer vision. Our sunglasses also employ the latest Polarised technology. It's basically like having a set of venetian blinds over your eyes. It hugely cuts down glare from reflective surfaces such as water. It also makes colours more vibrant and has greater UV protection. Plus all our lenses are always included in the up -front price.



Feel like you need more than the standard lens? If you require a prescription value greater than +4.00 or less than -4.00, we also offer high inde x lenses on any of our OPTICAL Coke bottles should only be for sipping whilst looking stylish in our eyewear. So our highest inde x lenses are actualy thinner and lighter than our standard lenses. They're also flatter, which is another must for stronger prescriptions. And you're not missing out on all the good stuff. We've also added the all-important anti-scratch layer and anti-reflective coatings on your customised lenses. You're protecting your eyes and your eyewear at the same time. Plus there's no point to perfect vision if you ’re squinting. So all our sunglases are also available with prescription lenses.



We refuse to see eyewear as just some solution to a medical problem. It’s simply fashion. The ultimate expression of your individual style. That's why our research for each season starts by looking at International fashion trends as well as taking cues from other eras. But not everyone wants a spotlight and a 'ta-dah !' when they enter a room. So our range always includes a selection from the subtle and timeles to frames only the brave would dare. But given the majority of our eyewear is just $95 lenses included, you don't even have to decide on just one pair to sum you up. Every outfit, occasion and mood can be catered for. For any questions about our eyewear, call (02) 8399 3288, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:30pm AEST or send us an email

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